Conductor/ Founder

Melissa Tardif, founder and principal conductor for L’OAM, has been involved in the music industry for over a decade both performing and composing music in the greater Montreal area. Trained as a Saxophonist, Melissa has had various opportunities to gain knowledge in various genres such as Jazz, Classical, Funk, Pop, Rock and much more. Melissa possesses a  Bachelor's degree in Music Education and a Master’s Degree in Orchestral Conducting from McGill University.

During the course of her studies at McGill, Melissa became involved in the Otakuthon closing ceremonies in 2016. Since her humble beginnings arranging music for the choir in the Otakuthon closing ceremonies three years ago, Melissa has gone on to arrange the music for the 2018 opening ceremony’s hit performance of Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. The positive reception of the act and the general lack of musical ensembles that cater to the Montreal anime community inspired her to create this budding organization.

L’OAM had its debut at Otakuthon 2019 performing for a crowd of over 2000 people! The group is comprised of 14 local Montreal musicians with a passion for Anime and videogame music. Featuring a rock band, chamber orchestra, and vocalists, L’OAM specializes in anime music featuring your favourite OPs, EDs, and general OSTs from a variety of genres.


L'OAM Founder, Melissa Tardif